Raúl Pérez Bodegas y Viñedos is not an ordinary winery.

Vineyards, brands, the types of wine…, all of them are constantly changing depending on the nature and creativity of their creator, the winemaker and oenologist Raúl Pérez. Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker’s right-hand man in Spain, says of him that «Raúl is a free spirit, he does and doesn’t do, he goes from place to place, he doesn’t stop inventing, he doesn’t stop creating, he doesn´t stop tasting, he changes and changes again and again…». And that’s the way he is! At the winery, we work with our own vineyards or with grapes acquired from others. White and red wines are produced, with native varieties, and with very limited production depending on the quantity of grapes harvested. The wines of Raúl Pérez Bodegas y Viñedos are not only produced in El Bierzo, where the winery is located; they are also produced in León, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra and Monterrei.

The winery, of course, follows the fundamentals of its creator, such as the traditional craftmanship, the little influence on the vineyard, the understanding of the land, each individual climate, and respecting the ripening times of each variety; the search for long-lasting wines, both drinkable from the beginning and after 20 years in the bottle, and the predilection for native and endangered grapes.